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Please contact City Hall at (615) 274-2922 to request copies of other city documents.

City Budget

The City is currently operating in budget year FY2017, which began July 1, 2016.  This section includes documents related to the budget development process.  Included is a public notice, which appeared in the Rutherford Reader on April 28, 2016.  

The budget development process involves multiple discussions in public City Council meetings, presentations from city staff, public notification, input from citizens, and the adoption of an ordinance.  The ordinance presents a comparison of final figures for the prior fiscal year, projected figures for the current fiscal year, and the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  Because projections for the current year change throughout the process, and because input from the public, staff, and elected officials can be reflected in the ordinance, it is not uncommon for the final product to differ from the version originally presented.  Each time the draft changes during the process, it is Eagleville's practice to show all edits in order to be as transparent as possible.  During the fiscal year, any budget amendment that may be needed must follow essentially the same process in order to ensure the same level of public involvement.

FY 2018 Budget

The City Council and staff have begun the FY2018 budget development process with a series of public presentations. Those presentations are included below, keeping in mind that they are only early drafts. The council is expected to begin taking up the adoption of a budget ordinance at its April 27, 2017 meeting. The city must adopt a budget by June 30, 2017, and it is anticipated that a budget will be in place well ahead of that deadline.

FY 2017 Budget

Annual Financial Reports


City Ordinances (Recently Adopted)


City Charter


The City of Eagleville will issue Building, Gas, Plumbing and Remodeling and various other permits. For questions please contact Eagleville City Hall at (615) 274-2922.  Permits can be obtained from City Hall during regular business hours. All Electrical permits must be obtained from the State Electrical Inspectors office at #1 Public Square, Murfreesboro, TN

Never Attach Signs, Objects to Utility Poles

Zoning Ordinance

Subdivision Regulations


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